Charge Ahead Marketing Services

Charge Ahead Marketing brings to the table proven experience across customer interaction, technology, and solid marketing fundamentals.

We think differently about how to use marketing to solve business challenges. And we definitely think differently when it comes to doing “the same old thing” kind of marketing.

We take pride in having a small, nimble staff and a wide, strong network of partners and resources. That lets us build and implement the right solution for any situation — based on timing, budget, ideas, and project needs.

We bring a passion for excellence and execution to:

Strategic Marketing

  • Develop complete marketing plans
  • Infuse new ideas into stagnant marketing plans
  • Build budgets, whether robust or “on a shoestring”
  • Identify the right partners and vendors, based on your needs
  • Conduct research among your customers
  • Create strategies to help drive sales and develop new business

Tactical Marketing

  • Write compelling copy for all channels, like direct mail, email, social, PR, mobile, and web
  • Work with design resources and vendors to create campaign elements, like ads, emails, direct mail pieces, handouts, graphics, giveaways, and more
  • Manage rollout of campaigns across email, direct mail, social, advertising, and all other tactics
  • Build paid search and pay-per-click campaigns
  • Telemarket to your customers and prospects
  • Perform media pitches, press follow-up, and relationship-building for broader PR campaigns or event-related needs
  • Manage junior internal staff or external project managers
  • Provide reporting and analysis of campaign performance

Technology and Social Media

  • Integrate social and engagement into existing channels and campaigns
  • Create ideas to incorporate channels you don’t currently use, like social and mobile
  • Help you leverage technology to find solutions to problems

“Parachute Rescues”

Drop us into the middle of a sticky situation and let us save the day — maybe your marketing person left and nothing is done, your current messaging isn’t working, or your CEO says you have to figure out social media by next week or you’re fired.

Just because it’s not listed above doesn’t mean we don’t do it. You may think of your challenge a little differently than we do. That’s why we’re here.

Contact us and let’s have a conversation.

“Take a good, long look…and then Charge Ahead.”