Generating participation in medical education programs is more challenging than ever – here’s why.

Charge Ahead with Us!


There are too many trends in marketing to keep up with.

Content marketing, social media, marketing automation, retargeting, paid search, search engine optimization. If you’re an academic CME office or medical communications company, you don’t have a robust marketing staff. It’s impossible to stay current with best practices across the board.

That’s where we come in.

Technology and marketing are no longer separate, they must work together.

Your marketer used to write copy for email, direct mail and flyers. Maybe they started writing social media posts. But go ask them about mobile optimization, HTML5, triggered email, responsive websites, UX and UI, landing page testing, and conversion tracking.

If they can’t answer, we can.

Optimizing your marketing strategy is what we do – day in and day out.

We take the worries off your plate and turn the “same old” marketing into marketing that resonates with today’s health care professionals.

Charge Ahead offers:


    Knowledge of marketing strategy, planning, budgeting and executional tactics from A to Z


    Expertise in the confluence of marketing, technology and engagement


    Awareness of the trends impacting health care professionals and how they make decisions


    Experience in marketing CME and interprofessional education – large and small conferences, fee-based and free online education, grant-supported programs, and more

Bottom line is, we’re passionate about health education and how to produce results. We’ve done it for them. We can do it for you.

We take on any kind of challenge you can throw at us, create ideas for any size budget, get it done, and show you how it worked and more importantly – why.

Challenge us. You’re going to love the results!



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