About Charge Ahead Marketing

Charge Ahead Marketing LLC was founded in January 2011 by Glenn L. Laudenslager IV, President and Idea Creator. For companies that need reliable, forward-looking marketing strategy in healthcare, retail and other markets, Charge Ahead Marketing brings valuable assets to the table — fresh perspective, impactful ideas, effective strategy, bold decisions, reliable execution, desired results — that makes brands, people and companies successful.

Glenn Laudenslager IV

Glenn Laudenslager IV

President and Idea Creator

Beginning in 1996, Glenn held a variety of marketing positions for publishing giants PRIMEDIA Business, Intertec, Prism Business Media and Penton Business Media, including leading an in-house agency that worked directly with advertising clients on more than $600,000 in revenue in 2005. He worked closely with sales teams to optimize revenue and implemented marketing campaigns for a variety of media products and clients across apparel, data, embroidery, entertainment, events, lighting, logistics, marketing, and more.

In 2007, Glenn joined Reed Medical Education, a division of Reed Exhibitions, the world’s leading event producer, and Reed Elsevier, a global business that includes hundreds of top healthcare and medical brands. At Reed he developed marketing and branding strategy for healthcare brands, live conferences, and online educational programs across multiple therapeutic areas, like psychiatry, oncology, and cardiology. He worked closely with executives and physicians at healthcare organizations like Massachusetts General Hospital, Community Oncology Alliance, large Cancer Centers and academic medical centers, and others. Since Reed is the leader among B2B media companies in terms of developing a successful marketing organization and fostering marketing best practices, Glenn is proud that he was named Marketing Director of the Year in 2008, selected by senior management of the company.

Glenn was also Marketing Director for the Massachusetts General Hospital Academy and supervised marketing for a relaunch of the brand in 2008. He led the brand into new territory by transforming their marketing strategy and helping move them into paid search, social media, and mobile applications.